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What Goes Into A Medical Malpractice Claim?

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When you are undergoing a medical consultation or treatment, even a slight error in diagnosis, medication, treatment or aftercare can have serious repercussions on your health. This kind of negligence or malpractice can cause harm or injury, delay the healing or recovery or even leave you disabled or dead.

In such cases, the healthcare provider is considered legally liable to pay compensation to the patient. You have the lawful right to file a case and move the court to claim damages.

It follows that this will not only be a financial liability to the doctor/hospital at fault, but can also adversely affect their reputation and standing in both the medical circles and the patient community. Therefore, they will try every which way to deny the fault and avoid paying the compensation.

Things can get quite intimidating at this point and it is also tough for a layperson to prove the medical malpractice, especially when the healthcare provider has a battery of lawyers on their side. Hence, it is best to consult medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles, California to discuss the viability of your case.

Skilled and experienced attorneys like Kahn Roven LLP  will carefully study the situation and first seek to establish a clear doctor-patient relationship with the doctor you are suing and that he or she was treating you directly. Then they clarify whether the healthcare provider was actually negligent and failed to provide reasonably competent, skilful or careful treatment. Moreover, they are aware that it is imperative to prove that the negligent diagnosis or treatment actually caused a specific harm or injury. Apart from this, the lawyers will evaluate whether the value of the injuries and damages is substantial and justifies the time, effort and costs of litigation.

If the case seems feasible and you give the go ahead, the skilled medical malpractice lawyers in Los Angeles, California will persevere to prove that you suffered from the violation of acceptable medical standards of care and will even engage expert testimony to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve!


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Personal Injury Claims Take A While

When you are injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you automatically expect the at-fault party or their insurance company to pay up the damages in the personal injury claim. And you will also expect to receive a fair compensation pretty quickly at that.

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However, as any injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California will tell you, personal injury claims take quite some time to reach a conclusion – this could be a mutually acceptable settlement or even a verdict in court.

What actually happens once you file the claim is that the insurance company begins to evaluate the extent of your injury. The insurance adjuster will study the accident and police reports, interview the witnesses, examine your medical records and treatment details to get a clear picture of the injury. They will take a lot of factors into consideration like your own negligence, pre-existing injuries, gap in treatment and so on.

Based on their analysis, they may deny the claim, devalue the compensation or rarely, accept the same. They will look for loopholes and use various tactics to get you off the track.

In case you receive a low offer, this will mark the beginning of a back and forth game of counteroffers. If they dispute the claim, you will have to present substantial evidence that supports the veracity of your case and disproves their allegations.

At some point, the insurance company may even present a final offer and refuse to budge beyond that. If the compensation is still not acceptable, the case will enter mediation, move to arbitration and may even go to trial. This will further extend the process with depositions, pre-trial motions and successive hearings.

Therefore, it is important to consult a skilled and experienced injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California like Kahn Roven, LLP. They will evaluate your case and update you about the expected time frame for reaching a resolution.

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Counteroffers Mark a Personal Injury Settlement

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The personal injury claim process begins with filing a claim with the at-fault person’s insurance company. You detail the facts of the accident and subsequent injuries before stating the compensation you expect to receive. A qualified personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, California can help you itemize the various damages including the medical expenses, lost income and even the pain and suffering.

The insurance company will appoint a claims adjuster who will take some time to investigate your claim and then send an initial settlement offer. You will be quite alarmed at the absurdly low figure quoted by the adjuster. You may even be pressured to accept the offer and get a dire warning that you will not get anything at all later.

Do not be intimidated by such tactics and accept the initial offer in a hurry. You should make sure that the settlement is fair and covers your damages. Else, the prudent step is to reject the insurance company’s offer and make a counteroffer of your own.

This will not rob you of the chance to get the compensation. Personal injury claims are in fact a game of negotiations with each side successively rejecting the other party’s offer and making a counteroffer of their own. This usually continues till the settlement amount seems fair and is acceptable to both parties.

Therefore, while you should be patient and present counteroffers, do not push the game too far either. If you get too greedy and refuse to accept a settlement offer that is in tune with the severity of your injuries, the negotiations may reach a stalemate. There is no recourse but to file a personal injury lawsuit.

It makes sense to engage an established personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, California like Kahn Roven, LLP (www.kahnroven.com) right from the start itself. Your attorney will evaluate the case and skillfully conduct the negotiations without rushing in to accept a lowball offer or even prolonging the case needlessly. This is your best chance to get a reasonable settlement for the personal injury!

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House Of Adroit Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angels

House Of Adroit Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angels

Be it a dog bite, a car accident or nursing home negligence, Kahn Roven suggests to fight for your right. We offer qualified and certified personal injury attorneys, in Los Angeles, to deal with your lawsuit. With utmost dedication and conviction, our attorneys make sure to win the case in your favor. Call us NOW at (213) 738-0708for more details on this. We provide free consultation!

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Collecting Personal Injury Compensation Post Settlement

It is after great quibbling and haggling that you have finally reached a settlement with the person-at-fault (or their insurance company) for your personal injury. Or, you may have even managed to win a favorable judgment in the lengthy court trial.


With the end in sight, you breathe a huge sigh of relief and look forward to collecting the compensation money. You check your mail everyday for the check and wait to hear from your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, California. Alas, many days and weeks pass by but there is no word from the insurance company!

Well, fact of the matter is that there is a procedure for processing the settlement too. The first of many steps is the Release Form. This defines the terms of the settlement and also releases the defendant from any further liability for the personal injury.

Once you sign and submit the release form, the payment process can still get wrangled in the internal procedures of the insurance company and face lengthy delays. In fact, insurance companies often hinder or hold up the process and attempt to put off the payout as long as possible.

Even if they finally decide to issue the check, it will be sent to your legal representative and not directly to you. The attorney will consider any outstanding claims or liens against the lawsuit and also deduct his own fees and other legal expenses before giving you the balance amount.

Therefore, processing the settlement is a lengthy process and it can be quite a while before the compensation actually ends up in your hands – or your bank account.

Having a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, California – like Kahn Roven LLP can work in your favor as they will be dedicated to your case and try everything possible to expedite the process.

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Whose Fault is it Anyway?


The whole premise of a personal injury case rests on the fact that one person suffered an injury or damage due to another person’s fault. Therefore, the person-at-fault or their insurance company is legally liable to financially compensate the former for the related damages, expenses and suffering.

However, the insurance adjuster is often times looking for a way out of paying the personal injury claim. And one of the most common tactics used is to question the issue of fault. They may try to pin the blame for the accident or injury on you, the plaintiff, and paint it as if it was your own fault. They will then deny liability in a bid to get away scot-free.

In case it is blatantly obvious that the defendant was at fault, the insurance company may still attempt to highlight your own negligence that is partially responsible for the accident or injuries. This will devalue the claim as the adjuster can then reduce the compensation by a substantial percentage based on the degree of your carelessness.

So what can you do if the insurance company denies the claim or reduces its value when you know it was not your fault at all? Do you let go of the claim or resign yourself to accept whatever is being offered?

The best recourse is to engage a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, California, like Kahn Roven, LLP . Having professional legal representation itself can make the insurance provider desist from attempting to pin the blame on your head. Even if they do so, the attorney will ask them for proof and also check the police report and witness statements for corroboration. They will compile all possible evidence to substantiate your innocence as well as to clearly establish who is actually at fault.

In short, they will ensure that you get the full compensation you deserve!