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Fight For Your Right

Fight For Your Right - Kahn Roven

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Online Stalking During Personal Injury Claim

You file a personal injury claim and wait for the law to takes its due course. You are sure that though the negotiations and settlement will take time, you will eventually receive financial compensation for the damages you suffered during and after the accident. You feel the case is cut and dried and does not call for motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles, California.

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The proceedings play out as expected. But suddenly you are shocked to find the insurance company attorneys claiming that you tweeted that you had recovered quickly after the accident or that your Facebook profile picture shows you as quite hale and hearty!

Indeed, your social media presence can come back to haunt you in more ways than one. In a personal injury case, your online activities can be easily used to discredit your claim of injuries, suffering and more.

In fact, it has become common for the insurance companies or their attorneys to follow the plaintiff online and collect ‘evidence’ from their posts, tweets, pictures, statues, checkins and even blog comments. They will try to twist this information to show that you are exaggerating or even lying about your physical/emotional condition.

What’s more, the law accepts this ‘evidence’ and it is admissible in a lawsuit as well. Therefore, your innocent online activities may end up discrediting your claim or reducing the compensation by a wide margin, and there’s nothing much you can do about it!

What you should do is have skilled motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles, California – like Kahn Roven, LLP (www.kahnroven.com) to represent your claim. The experienced attorneys are well-versed with the insurance company tactics and will always advise you to stop using Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts till the claim is settled. At best, you should be careful about what you post and refrain from commenting anything about the accident. They will also ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your suffering.

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Never Lie During a Personal Injury Case

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When pursuing a personal injury claim, you will make every attempt to extract the maximum compensation from the insurance company. Likewise, the defendant’s insurance company will try their best to get away with the least compensation possible.

So much so that, insurance adjusters often resort to deceitful tactics like denying the claim, asking for a recorded statement or medical authorization, offering a low settlement and so on. Similarly, even you may resort to lying or avoid being completely honest when the truth seems to devalue your case.

For instance, you may lie about who was actually driving your car, the condition of the vehicle prior to the accident, the extent of your injuries, your prior medical condition, etc.You may think that the small white lies will support your case and improve your chances of getting the settlement you deserve. You may even convince yourself that no one will be any the wiser for it.

However, fact is that insurance companies conduct very meticulous and detailed investigations into each and every aspect of the case. They will view security camera recordings, speak to witnesses, access your medical and insurance records, etc. In short, the adjuster will not leave any stone unturned to uncover facts that can affect the final compensation.

Even a tiny, insignificant lie about an inconsequential matter will affect your standing in front of the insurance adjuster, the mediator, and finally even the judge and jury. It could be the smallest of lies – by omission or commission – but no one will believe anything else you say about the incident or injury – no matter how legitimate it may be.

Therefore, it is always better to present a true picture of the events and avoid any minor deviations also. Better yet, seek the services of a professional and skilled personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California like Kahn Roven, LLC (www.kahnroven.com). They will present the true facts in a compelling manner that is bound to get you the compensation you deserve!




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Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?



If you have landed on this page, chances are you too are prey to some sort of personal injury. However, as we delve into the attorneys and why need the accident lawyers, it is noteworthy that all personal injury law firms are not the same. If you have been involved in a car accident which resulted in a physical injury, you are likely to file a claim with your insurance company.

If you are wondering why to appoint a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, here’s a list of reasons which can make you feel their importance.

  • Legal Advice: Right after the moment you find yourself the victim of a car accident, there will be doubts about whose car insurance policy will cover the medical bills, who will pay for the damage, or whether you are entitled for the pain and suffering damages. Only the car accident attorneys can provide you with the appropriate and invaluable advice.
  • Communication: From the moment you retain the services of the car accident lawyer, he will be handling all communication with the at-fault party or the insurance company.
  • Direction: Generally, a car accident claim are one of two ways. One, when it is handled through the no-fault system which involves minor injuries; secondly, a traditional personal injury lawsuit is filed when major injuries are involved.
  • Evaluation: A car accident attorney will contest the amount of the accident victim’s compensation. They will properly evaluate all of the medical documentation to ensure you get all the proper compensation.
  • Investigation: A Los Angeles car accident lawyer will determine how an accident occurred and properly investigate the situation to ensure you get duly compensated for your injuries.
  • Negotiation: Most car accident cases are settled through pre-trial negotiations. This is best done with the help of an expert which nullifies the scope of overvaluation or undervaluation of the claim.

 Kahn Roven follows a simple philosophy, they listen to their clients. Being in the business for more than 35 years now, Kahn Roven is a trusted firm for fighting cases pertaining to betrayal, injury, property loss, and more. Speak to the skilled attorney and get a free consultation at (844) 9-INJURED. Visit http://www.kahnroven.com/ to know about their practice areas.

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Personal Injury Claim Calls for Specialized Attorneys




































































wooden gavel and books on wooden table,on brown background

wooden gavel and books on wooden table,on brown background


Many people spout that any attorney can represent a person in a personal injury claim. In fact, regular lawyers often do handle cases where the plaintiff has been injured or suffered a loss due to someone else’s fault.

While different lawyers can file a personal injury claim and even win a reasonable settlement or verdict, it is still always better to engage a say, car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California for a road accident claim.

This is primarily because personal injury attorneys are intimately familiar with the applicable laws and court procedures, while other lawyers may only have a superficial knowledge of the same. Moreover, a specialized attorney will be used to dealing with insurance companies and can easily circumvent their tactics to delay, weaken, or even avoid the claim.

Your personal injury attorney can also evaluate the merits of the case and establish a realistic dollar value for the damages that includes the lost wages, future income, medical expenses, emotional suffering, and so on. They will also take the actual insurance coverage available to the guilty party into account before proceeding with the claim.

Experienced personal injury lawyers are known to extract a much higher settlement through some aggressive, yet tactful negotiations with the insurance adjusters. They can even use their skills to build a resounding case, sway the jury, and win a favorable verdict, should the claim go to court.

The icing on the cake is that most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis and will not charge a single penny until the case reaches a successful outcome. Even then, you only have to pay them an agreed percentage from the compensation won!

If you are looking for a capable and specialized car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California, Kahn Roven, LLP (www.kahnroven.com) fit the bill perfectly!

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Paying for Expert Testimony


car accident lawyer

You have been severely injured in a road accident and yet, the insurance company of the party-at-fault has blatantly refused to pay your personal injury claim. You have retained a good and yet, all the efforts at settlement seem to be in vain.

Your attorneys at Kahn Roven, LLP (www.kahnroven.com) suggest taking the battle to court. They also advise that you need expert testimony to validate your injuries and suffering. But you are worried about the legal costs of the lawsuit and do not wish to add to the expenses by hiring expert witnesses.

Well, it is a fact that expert witnesses hardly work for free. It can cost a considerable amount of money to get them to testify on your behalf.

However, you should keep in mind that an expert testimony can mean the difference between winning a large settlement and being left empty-handed!

Indeed, expert witnesses play a vital role in personal injury lawsuits. For instance, a medical expert can clearly explain how the injuries were actually sustained because of the accident and provide a prognosis of the effects on your ability to work or even live like you used to earlier. Or, an accident reconstructionist will reconstruct the accident scene using sophisticated computer software. This will clarify factors like the speed of the vehicles, force of collision, views to each driver and so on.

On the other hand, an economist will present a comprehensive analysis of the lost income and future medical expenses by taking crucial aspects like inflation, rising cost of medical care, lost promotions and lost benefits into account.

While the Los Angeles car accident lawyer can also present these facts in court, the specialized knowledge and skills of an expert will definitely be much more powerful. Expert reports and opinions can easily sway the jury and lead to a positive verdict.