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What Happens In A Legal Malpractice Claim?

A person involved in a legal matter poses his trust and confidence in a qualified attorney and expects him to handle the issue in the best manner possible. The attorney is duty bound to keep the client’s best interests in mind while resolving the matter on hand.

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However, what if the attorney itself fails to handle the case appropriately? This kind of complication is definitely not what the plaintiff ever anticipated! They can then sue the lawyer himself for malpractice….

This is where a legal malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, California enters the picture.

Indeed, when a lawyer fails in the fiduciary duty to provide competent representation, he is liable to compensate the client for the losses arising from the negligent or unprofessional behavior.

Proving Legal Malpractice

Actually proving such a breach of duty is another matter altogether. There are specific legal requirements for a legal malpractice claim to be considered valid – it should be proved beyond doubt that the attorney owed a duty of care and the breach of which directly caused an injury or damage that resulted in a financial loss.

Apart from confirming these four requisite elements, you also need to show a clear causation. This means that you have to prove that you would have won the case had the attorney abided by the standards of care and worked in a responsible manner.

Another case in point is that the attorney-at-fault will be defending his own case and is likely to use wily tactics to attest that he did not commit a breach of duty. For instance, he can easily prove that just because he is friendly with the opposing lawyer or because he did not return all your phone calls, it cannot be classified as a conflict of interest or act of neglect respectively.

Therefore, the best approach is to contact another law firm and get a second opinion on whether the attorney is doing a professional job or not. In case the behavior is deemed as a breach of duty, you would do better to consult a proficient legal malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, California. These are specialized attorneys who will carefully determine the validity of your case before evaluating whether the requisites can be clearly proved or not.

The attorney will file a legal malpractice claim against the attorney that committed the fault and initiate the litigation process. They will collect all the required documents, compile evidence and also assemble witnesses who can attest your interactions with the said attorney.

You should be candid with your attorney and disclose all pertinent information. Concealing any facts can lead to problems later on. You should also follow their advice at all times as the proceedings can get quite complicated.

The attorney will try to reach a settlement with the other attorney or take the case to trial to get the best verdict possible.


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Legal Malpractice Explained

When a person has been harmed, abused or wronged – be it physically, financially or ethically – they have the right to sue the person in the court of law. But what if the legal counsel representing their interests itself ends up mistreating the case?

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Such experiences are quite traumatizing and can leave you in great turmoil. But the law is on your side and provides recourse for damages suffered by clients on account of their attorneys. As it is likely that the guilty attorney will use devious tricks to validate himself, you should hire another legal malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, California to get both an appropriate compensation and closure for the wrongdoing.

What is legal malpractice?

A case of legal malpractice arises when an attorney breaches his legal duty. However, any and every action that a client doesn’t like does not necessarily amount to a transgression.

Following is a look at the likely instances of legal malpractice:

  • The attorney commits an administrative error – like missing the statute of limitations, filing date or court hearing, misplacing important files, documents or evidence, etc.
  • Lack of proper communication from the attorney’s end – like failing to return client’s phone calls or reply to messages, failing to follow client instructions, failing to obtain client consent, failing to provide updates for a long period, etc.
  • The attorney does not know or apply the law properly, does not defend the client properly or even settles the case without client authorization.
  • Neglecting the case for an extending period or overlooking crucial aspects of the case.
  • Misusing the retainer money paid by the client or misusing the client’s trust account.
  • There is a conflict of interest – the attorney represents another party with adverse interests or reveals inside information to the opposing attorney.
  • The attorney charges unreasonable fees or bills the client for services that were never rendered.
  • Any other intentional wrong like fraud, theft, libel, slander or even violation of client rights.

However, it should be kept in mind that if an attorney happens to lose a case or gets a lower settlement/verdict than the client expected, it is not deemed as legal malpractice.

For a legal malpractice case to be considered valid, it is important to prove that an attorney-client relationship existed in the first place. There should also be a breach of duty, like the attorney being negligent, intending to harm the client or just failing to provide competent and skilled representation. It is essential that the wrongful act should be linked to a loss or injury to the client which can be quantified in financial terms.

Given the underlying complications, it is essential to bring in an external legal malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, California who can skillfully prosecute the other attorney and win the right disciplinary action.

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Do Personal Injury Cases Take Too Long?



There are daunting stories of how personal injury cases keep dragging on and on. It often takes as much as 5 to even 7 years for accident victims to recover damages from the guilty party, if any.

Myth or Fact?

Truth be told, no personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California can accurately predict the time frame for a claim to actually settle. Various facets of the case come into play here – like the extent of injuries and the time it takes to recover fully. Similarly, the case can stretch out if there is difficulty in establishing a clear liability for the injury, unduly large value of damages or other factual issues.

On the other hand, if the personal injury claim is clear-cut and the plaintiff is willing to accept the settlement offered by the insurance company, the case can be closed within a few months itself.

However, it is often noted that insurance adjusters deliberately offer a radically low settlement that is far less than the case’s actual worth and attempt to drag out the case as much as possible. They feel that the plaintiff will get fed up of the delays and accept a lowball offer just to avoid getting tied up in a lengthy trial. Accepting this results in a short settlement that is decidedly unfair.

This is why it is best to prepare yourself before stepping into a personal injury claim and have an expert personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California by your side. Take Kahn Roven, LLP  for instance. The skilled and experienced attorneys will first determine the value of your claim and inform you about the complexities that can affect the duration of the case. They will also advise you on when it makes sense to accept a settlement offer and when it is better to hold out for a longer trial.



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Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?



If you have landed on this page, chances are you too are prey to some sort of personal injury. However, as we delve into the attorneys and why need the accident lawyers, it is noteworthy that all personal injury law firms are not the same. If you have been involved in a car accident which resulted in a physical injury, you are likely to file a claim with your insurance company.

If you are wondering why to appoint a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, here’s a list of reasons which can make you feel their importance.

  • Legal Advice: Right after the moment you find yourself the victim of a car accident, there will be doubts about whose car insurance policy will cover the medical bills, who will pay for the damage, or whether you are entitled for the pain and suffering damages. Only the car accident attorneys can provide you with the appropriate and invaluable advice.
  • Communication: From the moment you retain the services of the car accident lawyer, he will be handling all communication with the at-fault party or the insurance company.
  • Direction: Generally, a car accident claim are one of two ways. One, when it is handled through the no-fault system which involves minor injuries; secondly, a traditional personal injury lawsuit is filed when major injuries are involved.
  • Evaluation: A car accident attorney will contest the amount of the accident victim’s compensation. They will properly evaluate all of the medical documentation to ensure you get all the proper compensation.
  • Investigation: A Los Angeles car accident lawyer will determine how an accident occurred and properly investigate the situation to ensure you get duly compensated for your injuries.
  • Negotiation: Most car accident cases are settled through pre-trial negotiations. This is best done with the help of an expert which nullifies the scope of overvaluation or undervaluation of the claim.

 Kahn Roven follows a simple philosophy, they listen to their clients. Being in the business for more than 35 years now, Kahn Roven is a trusted firm for fighting cases pertaining to betrayal, injury, property loss, and more. Speak to the skilled attorney and get a free consultation at (844) 9-INJURED. Visit http://www.kahnroven.com/ to know about their practice areas.

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Why Should You Hire Personal Injury Lawyers?

Personal injuries, in some form of the other, have occurred to each one of us in our lives. If you are reading this, chances are that you too faced some complications from personal fights or similar issues which remained unresolved. While some people have doubts why to indulge in courts and lawyers, others believe that they make situations more contentious than required. What people often do not realize is the severity of certain situations which can sometimes be very complicated and require proper investigations to get resolved.

Personal injury lawyers Los Angeles does the required investigations and communications with the experts, medical providers, law enforcement officials, and likewise to represent your case as viable.

Here’s the list of benefits of personal injury attorneys:

  • Knowledgeable

An experienced injury lawyer knows about the nuances of the relevant law and also how to use every aspect of the relevant details available to make the case in your favor. In fact, they can tell you during the consultation whether or not is your case worthy of being pursued legal action. Experienced lawyers would not encourage to spend both time and expense for a litigation which would not see the light of day.

  • Fees

Typically, most of the personal injury attorneys ask for a contingency fee, which means that there is no charge if you don’t win the case. Certain expenses required for the investigation, however, need to be born by the client.

  • Red tape

Working through the maze of paperwork is what the personal injury attorneys are used to. Only an experienced lawyer knows which are the necessary documents required to resolve the claim. So be ready to supply with all the papers and files related to your injury.

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  • Investigative team

Most of the time the personal injury lawyers Los Angeles work with a group of experienced investigators who specialize in examining the technical aspects of the case. Cooperate with the investigative team to provide all the necessary information about the injury.

  • Clear objectivity

As the sufferer, you might sometimes miss seeing the facts clearly as being blinded by fear, pain, anger, anxiety, or frustration. A lawyer will help you objectify the case and avoid any rash decision. Sometimes, the victim might find a quick payout as the best option but an attorney might advise waiting for a more appropriate offer.

  • Resolution

For personal injury cases, lengthy and complicated trials are not always necessary. Sometimes, an experienced lawyer can effectively close the case using alternative dispute resolution methods or as known as ADR, saving time, energy, and money. Arbitration and mediation are two common examples of ADR.

  • Insurance claims

The most convoluted claims are possibly the ones with the insurance claims. The life and property insurance companies have some of the top lawyers in the state to help them fight for their defense. An experienced lawyer will never settle for an unsatisfactory amount no matter how much the other party tries to defend.

  • The other options

Many times, personal injury cases are resolved by agreeing to a negotiated amount instead of going through a full trial. In such cases, the plaintiff gives up the right to sue in exchange for an agreed payment from the defendant, or insurance company.


Kahn Roven, LLP lawyers have been reputed family practitioners of personal injury cases for 35 years. They listen to each and every minute details of the cases and reaches out to every expert they know, uses all the resources to make the best of the case. Get in touch with them at (213) 738-0708 or (818) 888-9171. Alternatively, you can visit their website http://www.kahnroven.com/ for details.