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Online Stalking During Personal Injury Claim

You file a personal injury claim and wait for the law to takes its due course. You are sure that though the negotiations and settlement will take time, you will eventually receive financial compensation for the damages you suffered during and after the accident. You feel the case is cut and dried and does not call for motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles, California.

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The proceedings play out as expected. But suddenly you are shocked to find the insurance company attorneys claiming that you tweeted that you had recovered quickly after the accident or that your Facebook profile picture shows you as quite hale and hearty!

Indeed, your social media presence can come back to haunt you in more ways than one. In a personal injury case, your online activities can be easily used to discredit your claim of injuries, suffering and more.

In fact, it has become common for the insurance companies or their attorneys to follow the plaintiff online and collect ‘evidence’ from their posts, tweets, pictures, statues, checkins and even blog comments. They will try to twist this information to show that you are exaggerating or even lying about your physical/emotional condition.

What’s more, the law accepts this ‘evidence’ and it is admissible in a lawsuit as well. Therefore, your innocent online activities may end up discrediting your claim or reducing the compensation by a wide margin, and there’s nothing much you can do about it!

What you should do is have skilled motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles, California – like Kahn Roven, LLP (www.kahnroven.com) to represent your claim. The experienced attorneys are well-versed with the insurance company tactics and will always advise you to stop using Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts till the claim is settled. At best, you should be careful about what you post and refrain from commenting anything about the accident. They will also ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your suffering.


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Why to contact motorcycle accident lawyers?


We all know how catastrophic a motorcycle accident can be. It may be difficult for injured riders to get the compensation by themselves.

Motorcycle accident attorneys of Los Angeles will review your case and help to completely evaluate your case with a detailed analysis of your claim.

It is often not possible for the motorcyclist, specially if he is one is not at-fault, to be able to seek damages from the negligent party in causing the crash. The attorneys will help to seek compensation not only for their damages but also for their pain and suffering.

For any client, the foremost important thing is whether the attorneys listen to them. With Kahn Roven LLP, you can be sure how they will their ears to everything that you have to say with patience. Schedule for an appointment over (844) 9-INJURED and get a free consultation from the experts. Using every resource at their disposal, http://www.kahnroven.com/ is where you can find the most trusted and reliable suggestions in case of any personal accident or injury.

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Paying for Expert Testimony


car accident lawyer

You have been severely injured in a road accident and yet, the insurance company of the party-at-fault has blatantly refused to pay your personal injury claim. You have retained a good and yet, all the efforts at settlement seem to be in vain.

Your attorneys at Kahn Roven, LLP (www.kahnroven.com) suggest taking the battle to court. They also advise that you need expert testimony to validate your injuries and suffering. But you are worried about the legal costs of the lawsuit and do not wish to add to the expenses by hiring expert witnesses.

Well, it is a fact that expert witnesses hardly work for free. It can cost a considerable amount of money to get them to testify on your behalf.

However, you should keep in mind that an expert testimony can mean the difference between winning a large settlement and being left empty-handed!

Indeed, expert witnesses play a vital role in personal injury lawsuits. For instance, a medical expert can clearly explain how the injuries were actually sustained because of the accident and provide a prognosis of the effects on your ability to work or even live like you used to earlier. Or, an accident reconstructionist will reconstruct the accident scene using sophisticated computer software. This will clarify factors like the speed of the vehicles, force of collision, views to each driver and so on.

On the other hand, an economist will present a comprehensive analysis of the lost income and future medical expenses by taking crucial aspects like inflation, rising cost of medical care, lost promotions and lost benefits into account.

While the Los Angeles car accident lawyer can also present these facts in court, the specialized knowledge and skills of an expert will definitely be much more powerful. Expert reports and opinions can easily sway the jury and lead to a positive verdict.

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If You are Wondering Why Get an Injury Lawyer, Here it is!

We all have been injured in some way or the other due to someone else’s carelessness. However, when the situation becomes too serious or when it happens with the same person for a couple of times that it seems intentional, you should think of taking the case to the court. Not only because a sense of justice suffices a lot of the pain but if you win it, you can claim for the medical expenses and loss of income.

injury attorneys los angeles

If you are wondering all of these, get an appointment with Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who will help you seek the deserving compensation.

Signs you should speak to a personal injury attorney

In case you have sustained serious injuries after an accident that might require prolonged treatment, or have faced permanent disabilities, you should hire a personal injury lawyer. Only an experienced lawyer can determine how much the worth is. Furthermore, they can figure out whether the injuries can impact your earning capability over time in which case the compensation will be higher.

Depending on the severity of the injuries, the compensation amount is decided. The insurance companies measure the severity of the injuries depending on the type of harm you sustained, length of the recovery time, and medical expenses. However, it might so happen that with all these bills you already reach the highest limit of your insurance and that they can only pay a fraction of what you deserve. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in such cases gives the scope to fight for the total amount of compensation from the at-fault’s insurance company. In fact, the insurance companies sometimes straight away refuse to pay for a fair settlement. The attorney will help to negotiate the situation and get you what you deserve.

When the situation is so that it involves multiple parties and the liability is not clear, an injury lawyer can get the settlement done. Moreover, the attorney will help you to fight against the counterclaims and cross-claims by the other involved parties.

Kahn Roven, LLP is a trusted name when it comes to trial and filing of settlement. Being the business for more than 35 years, http://www.kahnroven.com/ details why you should think of them when you need personal attorneys. Get a free consultation by dialing (844) 9-INJURED.

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Why Should You Hire Personal Injury Lawyers?

Personal injuries, in some form of the other, have occurred to each one of us in our lives. If you are reading this, chances are that you too faced some complications from personal fights or similar issues which remained unresolved. While some people have doubts why to indulge in courts and lawyers, others believe that they make situations more contentious than required. What people often do not realize is the severity of certain situations which can sometimes be very complicated and require proper investigations to get resolved.

Personal injury lawyers Los Angeles does the required investigations and communications with the experts, medical providers, law enforcement officials, and likewise to represent your case as viable.

Here’s the list of benefits of personal injury attorneys:

  • Knowledgeable

An experienced injury lawyer knows about the nuances of the relevant law and also how to use every aspect of the relevant details available to make the case in your favor. In fact, they can tell you during the consultation whether or not is your case worthy of being pursued legal action. Experienced lawyers would not encourage to spend both time and expense for a litigation which would not see the light of day.

  • Fees

Typically, most of the personal injury attorneys ask for a contingency fee, which means that there is no charge if you don’t win the case. Certain expenses required for the investigation, however, need to be born by the client.

  • Red tape

Working through the maze of paperwork is what the personal injury attorneys are used to. Only an experienced lawyer knows which are the necessary documents required to resolve the claim. So be ready to supply with all the papers and files related to your injury.

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  • Investigative team

Most of the time the personal injury lawyers Los Angeles work with a group of experienced investigators who specialize in examining the technical aspects of the case. Cooperate with the investigative team to provide all the necessary information about the injury.

  • Clear objectivity

As the sufferer, you might sometimes miss seeing the facts clearly as being blinded by fear, pain, anger, anxiety, or frustration. A lawyer will help you objectify the case and avoid any rash decision. Sometimes, the victim might find a quick payout as the best option but an attorney might advise waiting for a more appropriate offer.

  • Resolution

For personal injury cases, lengthy and complicated trials are not always necessary. Sometimes, an experienced lawyer can effectively close the case using alternative dispute resolution methods or as known as ADR, saving time, energy, and money. Arbitration and mediation are two common examples of ADR.

  • Insurance claims

The most convoluted claims are possibly the ones with the insurance claims. The life and property insurance companies have some of the top lawyers in the state to help them fight for their defense. An experienced lawyer will never settle for an unsatisfactory amount no matter how much the other party tries to defend.

  • The other options

Many times, personal injury cases are resolved by agreeing to a negotiated amount instead of going through a full trial. In such cases, the plaintiff gives up the right to sue in exchange for an agreed payment from the defendant, or insurance company.


Kahn Roven, LLP lawyers have been reputed family practitioners of personal injury cases for 35 years. They listen to each and every minute details of the cases and reaches out to every expert they know, uses all the resources to make the best of the case. Get in touch with them at (213) 738-0708 or (818) 888-9171. Alternatively, you can visit their website http://www.kahnroven.com/ for details.

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Misleading Claims of Low Insurance Cover

When you have been involved in a road accident and wish to claim compensation from the person at-fault, it is very likely that you will end up dealing with their insurance company. As any motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles, California will tell you, the insurance company is liable to pay for the costs and other damages you have incurred, be they physical or emotional.

However, unexpectedly, the insurance company’s adjuster may tell you that the insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover your damages. They may even express regret in being unable to compensate you to the full extent. You are unable to work out the legalese of the policy and may take the person at their word. Left with no choice, you accept the reduced amount that the insurance company is able to offer.

Now what if, unknown to you, the insurance company is only misleading you to get out of paying a large settlement? Indeed, insurance companies are known to employ unfair tactics and make erroneous claims in a bid to avoid paying the compensation as much as possible. And misrepresenting the amount of insurance coverage available for a claim is only one of them!

auto and motorcycle accident lawyers

Therefore, it is in your best interests to engage professional motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles, California – like Kahn Roven LLP (www.kahnroven.com) – right from the start. They can decipher the confusing language of insurance policies to clarify the actual dollar amount of coverage that is available to you. They can also provide expert advice on the issues at play and how best to tackle them.

Armed with the right information of the insurance policy limits, you can beat the insurance company at their own game and get the maximum compensation possible.

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Be Careful While Hiring an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles


Are you looking for an attorney with whom you can file a lawsuit? Choose an experienced accident attorney in Los Angeles. They have years of experience in this field. However, before you choose one, make sure of the fact whether he or she is reputable in this field or not. For further queries, call them at any time.

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